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Hey fellas! I’m Josh, and thank you for reading my small blog!

It’s been a while since my last post, and I just wanted to update everyone. I’ve been kind of busy with school, and I’ve also had quite a bit of writer’s block. I can’t seem to find the time to blog as often, and lack the motivation to do so. I will try to post often, but I will probably be limited to 1-2 posts a week.

I will do my best to keep reading all your blog posts, and supporting all of them. I’ll definitely start posting more when I come up with new, good ideas that I don’t want to throw out. Expect to see a new blog post in the near future. Sorry for not posting regularly anymore!


Struggles of Learning Français

Hey dudes, dudettes, and others! I’m Josh, thank you for checking out this small blog 💞!

I haven’t made a French post in a while, and it turns out some of my are learning French(or are already fluent). This is one topic that has been urging me to write about it, struggles of learning French. Don’t get me wrong, I love learning French, but there are definitely times when it can be difficult.

P.S. Feel free to correct me if any of my facts are wrong. And please, if you can, give me tips on getting better at my listed struggles.

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5 Studying Tips

Hey gals, guys, and everyone in between! I’m Josh, and thanks for checking out this small blog!

So school’s started, and we’re going to have to study now. Everyone always talks about how studying is boring, but honestly, I find some parts of studying kinda fun. If you do it right, studying can sometimes be enjoyable.

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Just keep breathin'(Mental Health)

Hey human beings and otherworlders! I’m Josh, and thanks for reading my small blog!

Ariana Grande’s new song breathin inspired me to talk about mental health, and how to (hopefully) combat depression. This post might get a little dark(or not), so just a warning for all viewers.

“Don’t know what else to try, but you tell me every time
Just keep breathin’ and breathin’ and breathin’ and breathin’
And oh, I gotta keep, keep on breathin'” — Ariana Grande

I have probably been dealing with depression for about 4 years, but I’ve only identified it recently. It’s one of the worst things ever. It keeps me up all night, think about everything that’s wrong. I could say I feel sad, but I think numb is a better word. I’ve foolishly waged my battle against depression alone, but recently I told one of my friends about it, and how I’m more than just “fine”.

One of the first steps against depression, is telling someone about it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There is a high chance that they will actually care about it, and they won’t think you’re being an attention seeker. Let your feelings be known, let them help you.

If you’re a boy, don’t be afraid to talk about feelings. It’s time that we stop and break the rule of “guys can’t have sad emotions”. Gender stereotypes are not okay, most stereotypes aren’t. Guys can cry, guys can be sad. Girls can cry, girls can be sad. We should never look down on someone because they’re feeling something like this.

broken heart love sad

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Another thing I did to help me was getting a hobby. A productive hobby is better, because it won’t let you sit around all day watching YouTube thinking about how you’re such a failure(but you aren’t one, you da bomb). Put your sadness into something, anything. My depression was one of the reasons I started this blog, I needed something to keep the drama and the backstabbers out of my mind. I needed something I could be proud of. (I might cover some of this drama in a future post but idk)

Next tip is to not do self-deprecating stuff. Don’t look at those depression quotes, don’t hurt yourself when you’re alone. Don’t even think that stuff, and if you’re depressed/thinking about harming yourself, then you probably shouldn’t watch Degrassi: Next Class Seasons 2 & 3. They include self harm, suicide, and depression, which could be a trigger. According to some studies, seeing someone else do self-harm can make you feel more inclined to do it.

Do happy things. Do anything that makes you happy. Bake some cookies, play with your dog, go hang out with friends. If you just sit around not doing anything, the depression will get to your head.

You need to persist through all the dark stuff, all the troubles. There are gonna be people you don’t like, #HatersGonnaHate, but it’s you’re choice whether or not you’re going to let that cripple you.

It’s good to take care of yourself, spend a little time on you. If makeup makes you feel good, then do it! Even if you’re alone. The point is, depression may feel like and impossible battle, but there are many things, big and small, that you can do to combat it.

Thank you so much for reading this mental health post. I really hope that this can help anyone feeling depressed. Have a really great, amazing day!!

Why Canada is Amazing

Hey! I’m Josh, and thanks for reading my small blog!

I’m Canadian, and live in Canada. I’ve lived here my whole life, and it’s been great. Well technically I moved between countries when I was 2ish years old, but let’s ignore that lol. There are many things that America has wrong about Canada, so I’m going to clear these misconceptions up, and also say other things.

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My Favourite Songs of the Summer

My Favourite Songs of the Summer

Music is an amazing thing, here are some of my favourite songs that I listened to during thefrom summer. The order is random, and doesn’t represent how much I like them.

I don’t own any of the images or songs shown in this post, and I don’t intend to infringe on any ownership, this is just a fun post on music.

1. Sing by Pentatonix


Genre: Pop

Year: 2015

Recently, I had the privilege to attend one of their concerts. It’s amazing to see them make all these amazing sounds with only their voices. I may be a little biased by how much I love them, but their music is still astonishing. This song’ssongs upbeat tune is one of the many reasons I recommend it.

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10 Things to Do Before Summer’s Over

Summer’s almost over, and you probably haven’t done anything. Maybe you’re one of the people who are super productive, and have a job. Either way, there are probably still a bunch of things that you won’t be able to do once summer ends. I’m going to list 10 of these things that you should do before summer ends.


1. Go to the beach

IMG_0133.JPGDepending on where you live, the weather might not be suitable for the beach year round. Better get a tan while you still can.

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