20 Facts About Me

Bonjour people of the world! I’m Josh and thank you so much for reading my little blog!

I know! Why haven’t I posted in like 3 weeks? Sorry for not posting in a while, and skipping French Fridays, I was just really stressed by school, and other things. I just wanted to focus on my mental health. But now, I’m back!

I was thinking about blog ideas when I realized: you guys really don’t know that much about me. And since I’m 19 posts in to my blogging journey, and this will be my 20th, I’m going to do 20 facts about me.

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French Friday #1 : Les Préférés de Septembre

Bienvenue mes amis ! Je suis Josh, et je vous remercie de lire mon petit blog !

Welcome friends! I am Josh, and thank you for reading my small blog!


Aujourd’hui, on a le premier officiel Vendredi en Français ! D’abord, je dois parler du fait que j’ai reçu plus que 30 abonnés ! Merci à tous, et maintenant, continuons l’article.

Today, we have the first official French Friday! First, I must talk about the fact that I have received more than 30 followers! Thank you everyone, and now, let’s continue the post.


Je parlerai de mes préférés du mois parce que c’est presque le mois d’octobre . En fait, ce sera octobre lorsque je l’ai mis en ligne.

I will talk about my favourites of the month because it’s almost the month of October. In fact, it will October by the time I have posted this.

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Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving

Hey peoples of the interwebs! I’m Josh, and thank you for reading my small blog!

So, it’s Thanksgiving here in Canada, and I’ve been so lucky to have everything that I do, so I wanted to make a post of things I’m thankful for.

Friends & Family

My friends and family have been so amazing. My friends have gotten me through the tough parts of my years. I’ve made new friendships, and strengthened old ones, became friends with a guy who lives in California. People who I consider my close friends have changed recently, but I’m still very grateful for them.

My family is great too. My parents who buy things for me that I probably don’t deserve. My sister, who um… I talk to about things I guess. And my amazing dog who is always there for me, except for when there’s food around, or anyone who outranks me(literally everyone). And my cousin that I can always ask for French help, and I practice French with her because we only text in French which makes texting kinda difficult in a hurry.

My Followers & Blogger Friends

I haven’t been on here for a very long time, but I’ve met quite a few nice people on here, and made some blogger frands (Indigo Star, and Kiwi Katastrophes). There are a bunch more kind people who have said so many nice things on my posts. And some people who are on the same journey as me to learn French. Thank you everyone.


Technology is a gift, not a right. And we are privileged enough to have phones, computers, and gaming consoles. I am thankful for the tech that I have access to, and the powers of the internet that allow us to use our devices better.

Basic Needs

Not everyone has access to clean drinking water, clothes, or electricity. We take these for granted every day, and today I am spending time appreciating these things. I am able to choose a different outfit every day, drink water when I want, and spend electricity on luxuries, these are all things that I am thankful for.


Thank you for reading! I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving… well only Canada is celebrating it right now but you get the point. My French Friday post will be here soon, although it’s about September themed things because I missed last Friday’s one so… look out! Have a great day or night!

Environmental Impacts

Bonjour stranger! I’m Josh, and thank you for reading my small blog!


First, I need to say something. I was going to make a post about but it wasn’t worth it, and I wanted you guys to actually see a proper post so here is a TL;DR from the other post.

So, recently, I’ve been having another one of my episodes where I kinda lose interest in everything, and just wanna crawl into a ball and sleep for eternity. I’m sorry for not being too active, it’s just hard to do blogging when I feel like this. I’m even struggling with continuing my French. Luckily, these episodes usually only last few weeks max. I’ll try to interact with all of you.

Now, let’s get on to the original article!


Recently, I was shown a few videos about the “Plastic Problem”. I think it said that not using plastics isn’t as good of a solution as we think, because a singular reusable (cotton I think) bag has a much higher environmental impact than a plastic one due to the energy required to make one. Apparently, you need to use a reusable bag 7,100 times before it works off its impact to lower than a plastic bag.

So clearly, some things aren’t as simple as it seems. I’ve wanted to do a post on environment stuff for a while, and this seemed perfect. In this post, I will research a bunch of things and their alternatives to find out their impacts, and better solutions.

I will try to add to this list in the future so eventually I have a huge library of items and their impacts. I’m not writing this one in French, because it will definitely have a bunch of specific vocab I don’t know.

1. Bags

Plastic bags are not biodegradable, they just turn into smaller plastics and toxic chemicals. These are the chemicals that are leaching into our ground and water. And the microplastics are being eaten by zooplankton that eventually make it into our bodies. The chemicals in the ground effect plants, animals, and us. Not to mention, plastic bags are being eaten by land and water species, which can in many cases, kill them.Poor turtles mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and eat them. Over 50% of turtles have eaten plastic according to the University of Queensland.

But of course, cotton bags must be more eco friendly, right? Sadly, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Tote bags have exhibited the highest, most severe potential of global warming. This is because they take more resources to produce and to distribute.

One main solution is if you already have a reusable bag, keep using it, and don’t get any new ones. And if you do end up with any plastic bags, try to reuse them at least once. Try putting garbage in them, or some other tasks.


2. Straws

Plastic straws are another issue, they are small and lightweight, so they cannot be detected by recycling sorters, and can therefore, not be recycled. And due to their small light nature, they can easily be picked up in the wind, and end up in the ocean, harming even more wildlife. Throwing them away isn’t eco friendly either, they just end up in a big landfill.

The world’s solution? Replacing plastic straws with paper and wooden ones. These both biodegrade, and can be recycled. This is still a better solution, but not the best. We should try to not use straws at all, and if we have to, we should buy a reusable wood or metal straw that we use for all straw needs.


3. Electricity

A lot of power is still generated with fossil fuels, which aren’t very good for the environment. They produce a lot of greenhouse gasses, which will expedite global warming (not good, think about the polar bears!!)

We don’t really have much control over power plants, but we do have control over our own power usage. If you’re doing something that doesn’t require your lights to be on, turn them off. Just while writing this post, I turned off my lights. Another thing is to just unplug your devices when they’re done charging, this saves energy, and is better for your battery.

When you’re doing laundry, try to put as many clothes in as possible, this saves water, and electricity. One last thing is, don’t leave kitchen appliances on when you’re not using them, we’re all guilty of this. You’re doing some baking, you preheat the oven, and you don’t use it for another hour. Try to judge your skill level and turn it on at the right time, and turn it off once you’re done. And anything involving heat, should be turned off when out of use, they use a lot of power.


4. Water

Currently, 1/3 of people don’t have adequate access to clean fresh water, which is terrible. It’s even more terrible how scientists have estimated that this number will rise 2/3 by 2050. So we should be trying not to waste any water. Don’t leave sinks on for longer than you need to, and don’t get more water than you will drink.

Try not to take long showers, and if you can, install a water saving shower head. Don’t run your dishwasher when it isn’t full. And as I said before, try to only run full loads of laundry. There are many more ways of saving water that you can find here and here.


5. Transit

Looking at all my blog followers, I only think a few people reading this are actually able to drive, but whatever.

Driving isn’t very eco-friendly, it like idk, I think it releases gasses into the environment. Wait, let me Google this. So apparently, the gasses released from cars can speed up global warming… so I was correct.

Anyways, the solution to this that we’ve all been told since we were toddlers is to take transit, bike, or walk places. If you’re taking the bus or skytrain, you’re not generating extra exhaust by riding something that’s already there. Plus, biking and walking is a good exercise, and can be fun. These two also don’t generate any gasses.


That’s all for my post on the environment! Thank you for reading! I’ll try and get French Friday up this week, sorry for missing it. Hope you have a great day and return next time!

September in Review

Hey everyone! I’m Josh, and thank you for reading my small blog!

So, I’m pretty sure I stole this idea/was inspired by someone, but I can’t remember who it was. Sorry if my title is literally the exact same as yours (I really hope that isn’t the case). This post feels original, and not, at the same time. Anyways, onto the post!

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French Friday #0 : Vendredi en Français

**Don’t worry, it’s in English too**

Bonjour messieurs, mesdames, et autres ! I’m Josh, and thank you for reading my petit blog!

Vous pourriez être en train de demander pourquoi j’ai fait beaucoup d’articles de blog en/de français récemment. Enfin, il est car je veux être parlant couramment en français. Si je veux faire ça, puis je dois pratiquer la langue française chaque jour, tout le temps.

You might be asking why I’ve made a lot of blog posts in/about French recently. Well, it is because I want to be fluent in French. If I want to do that, then I have to practice French every day, all the time.

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Goals for October

Hey everyone! I’m Josh, and thanks for reading my small blog!

Salut, tout le monde ! Je m’appelle Josh, et je vous remercie de lire mon petit blog !

I’m very bad at finishing my work, and after I read a bunch of blog posts, I had the idea to make a Goals for October post. I think that making a to-do list will help me remember my goals for the month.

Je suis tres mauvais en finir mes travaux, et après que j’ai lu beaucoup de tes articles de blog, j’avais l’idée de faire un article s’appelle Des Objectifs pour Octobre. Je pense que faire une liste des tâches m’aidera à me souvenir de mes objectifs pour le mois.

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Posting Schedule

Hey fellas! I’m Josh, and thank you for reading my small blog!

It’s been a while since my last post, and I just wanted to update everyone. I’ve been kind of busy with school, and I’ve also had quite a bit of writer’s block. I can’t seem to find the time to blog as often, and lack the motivation to do so. I will try to post often, but I will probably be limited to 1-2 posts a week.

I will do my best to keep reading all your blog posts, and supporting all of them. I’ll definitely start posting more when I come up with new, good ideas that I don’t want to throw out. Expect to see a new blog post in the near future. Sorry for not posting regularly anymore!